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Janette’s Custom Calorie Meals strives to create “meals, entrees, healthy bakes, and snacks” that work for each client of all ages and all walks of life. 

As a new business, Janette’s Custom Calorie Meals is always working to improve processes and procedures, and loves to hear from clients.

In this crazy-busy world, we also know, your time is very valuable, and it may be difficult to set aside time to post a comment specific to this page.

However, thank you for granting me permission to post our communication via text and email.


Below are a few comments from clients:

Dr. Samantha Morrison

(27 years-old)

Chiropractor, and owner of Dr. Samantha Morrison Chiropractic in Effingham, IL

Dr. Samantha Morisson

I am so thankful for Janette’s meals! I work at least 60 hours a week and try to workout 5-6 times a week, which leaves very little time to cook. Now, with her Custom Individual Meals and Healthy Snack service, my days are much less hectic! I can’t tell you enough how much Janette’s meals have made my life healthier and easier.

I recently tried one of Janette’s Fresh-Frozen Slow-Cooker Entrees. The “Chicken Parmesan”, is FABULOUS! I stored the entree in my freezer for about 6 weeks, then decided to prepare the Chicken Parmesan for a small dinner with friends. You really didn’t need a knife, it fell apart with a fork! Wow, so good! Very tasty!! Easy! 

If you are busy or do not like to cook, or just want one meal (or all meals) of your week prepared for you, I highly recommend Janette’s Custom Calorie Meals.




Jacob Andrew

(40 years-old)

Law Enforcement – full time SWAT

Jacob Schade - on the beach, going to eat a cold Janette's Custom Calorie Meal.

Jacob Andrew – on the beach, going to eat a Janette’s Custom Calorie Meal.

Janette’s Custom Calorie Meals are genuinely body changing and I can attest to this. I was so tired of eating just traditional chicken breasts and lean meats. Janette meets your EXACT macros with simple ingredients, whole foods, and in this awesome creation, called a health bake…and they were approved by my strict trainer. It’s like eating mom’s cooking without all the fat and carbs. Thank you Janette for helping me with my competition training. I couldn’t have done it without your awesome meals. Diet is everything!








Mallori Dillon

(25 years-old)

Chiropractic Assistant and Manager at Doc’s Gym in Flora, IL 

Competitive Fitness Athlete

  • Top medalist in the 2016 Bikini NPC Midwest Championships:
    • 2nd place in the “novice” division
    • 3rd place in the “open” division
Mallori Dillon

Mallori Dillon

Mallori Dillon 2016

Mallori Dillon 2016 Bikini NPC Midwest Championships

Janette’s Custom Calorie Meals was such a fantastic addition to my prep this time around.  My meals were so tasty and it’s so awesome that we have something like this available locally! My “Janette” meal is my meal that I look forward to the most, because it’s so tasty, it almost feels like a cheat meal!  It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I’d probably have to say the spaghetti bake or the master meatloaf with mashed pumpkin pie as the side. If I go out to eat with friends, I simply bring my Janette’s Custom Calorie Meal and politely ask the server to heat it up. All her meals are fantastic!! Absolutely LOVE them! Thanks again, Janette Custom Calorie Meals.




Dr. Corey Walker

(38 years-old)

Owner, Clay County Chiropractic in Flora, IL

Owner, Doc’s Gym in Flora, IL

  • Chiropractor – practicing for 10 years   
  • Bodybuilding for 10 years

Dr. Corey Walker

Dr. Corey Walker, his girlfriend, and his daughter

People will walk into the office and say, “Something smells good in here!”  Janette’s Custom Calorie Meals is a local business and Janette is an educated professional. She cooks for us like she does her own family, low carb and high protein. This meal service is awesome and so convenient and prepared exactly the way I want. Just wait until you taste her meals! My favorite meal is probably the tamale bake. However, they are all FANTASTIC!










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