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Custom Individual Meals


What are Custom Individual Meals?

Custom Individual Meals (CIM) are customized single-servings meals. Meals are homemade from whole foods, weighed, portioned, packaged, labeled, and delivered to you. Meals can be low-carb, moderate-carb, moderate-protein, or high-protein. Janette strives to create a “meal menu” that works for each client of all ages and all walks of life. Meals are customized to your needs, whether macro-based for training, point-based for weight watchers, or a restriction-based specialty diet for health concerns. Maybe, you simply just want to eat healthier.

These meals are single serving meals sold with an option of 10 meals, 15 meals, 20 meals, 30 meals, 40 meals, 60 meals and 90 meals. Macros or entrees can be different per 10 meals and per 5 meals with the 10-meal option, 15-meal option, and 20-meal option, or all the same. The majority of meals are prepared in 10’s (10 servings in one pan) to provide a cost savings with 30+ options. Also, a full-dish option or half-dish option of any entree is available as a Healthy Bake with 2 available sizes, 9″ x 12″ or 3.5″ x 12″.

The ideas for possible meals are endless. Here are just a few examples of the meals. Our most popular meals are listed for you on our menu below. Click on the picture-menu for a clearer view. There are more pictures on our order form below.  

Menu for Custom Individual Meals and Healthy Bakes

Menu for Healthy Bakes and Custom Individual Meals

Our BPA-free containers “maximize” space. There isn’t ANY wasted space. These containers are microwave safe and reusable, too. Yes!

New CONTAINERS for Custom Individual Meals


Taco Bake: Shredded Chicken with long green beans.

 These pictures are the “real” deal, fresh from the oven, weighed, portioned, packaged to the container, with a quick pic.  Janette’s Custom Calorie Meal pictures are not photoshopped, digitally edited, or altered in any way.


Packaging: 1) Baked chicken breast over sliced peppers and onion, with mashed sweet potatoes   2) (under the lid)–Chicken Taco with long green beans.

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Click the above link to see our Custom Individual Meals and Healthy Bake ORDER FORM. (Macros and descriptions of each choice are provided, along with “more pictures”.

📋 If you do not want to click through the ONLINE ORDER FORM, simply just EMAIL your ORDER to us. Tell us what your want to order, and include your delivery-address.  Then, we will email your invoice, for your review BEFORE payment. 👍❤    

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