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Order Forms & Gift Card(s) & Website Menu with Pricing/$Cost

ORDER for YOURSELF, for FAMILY, as a gift to bring, or have delivered to NEW PARENT(S), a person RECOVERING FROM INJURY/SICKNESS, or as a random OR purposed ACT OF KINDNESS.

We have 3 order forms, but always ONE invoice and ONE payment. (#1) order form is for our Stuffed Cups and Drop-Biscuits! (#2) order form is for our Fresh-Frozen Slow-Cooker Entrees and Treats & Eats. (#3) order from is for our Healthy Bakes and Custom Individual Meals.

🎁🎈🎀 GIFT-CARDS ARE AVAILABLE (at the very bottom of order forms). The GIFT CARD will be sent via email with your invoice and activated after payment is received. Gift cards are good for all food items available on our website.

An example of our emailed GIFT CERTIFICATE –simply fold, and give!

Click on any order form link…..or, you can also simply email your order to us 

#1) Gourmet Stuffed Cups & Drop-Biscuits (Keto and Paleo-friendly)

#2) FFSCE and Treats & Eats

#3) Healthy Bakes and Custom Individual Meals


1-Page Website MENU (all items)

Once printed, the view is much clearer. Simply click on the picture and print. 

1-Page Quick Website Menu

📋 If you do not want to click through the ONLINE ORDER FORMS above, simply just EMAIL your ORDER to us. Tell us what your want to order, and include your delivery-address.  Then, we will email your invoice, for your review BEFORE payment. 👍❤